Welcome to OT Works 4 Kidz!

Here at OT Works 4 Kidz we pride ourselves on being different and that’s a great thing! We provide outstanding occupational, physical, and speech therapy services capturing the art of play in therapy. Children and adolescents with a variety of delays and disabilities learn strategies to help themselves at home, in school, and out in the community.

Our fun and creative approach to therapy happens in our custom designed 6000 square foot clinic. Take a ride down the zipline into the ball pit or scooter board yourself around the clinic. Ring the bell at the top of the rock wall or swing your way through an obstacle course. Spend time in a quiet cubby space or being squished under jumbo crash cushions.  This is what we do all day, every day!

Our priority is to make a lasting impact on children and families. We use a team approach collaboratively with families, physicians, teachers, and other professionals in order to provide a comprehensive treatment approach. Yes therapy happens here but by educating you on what is available in your community, we bridge the gap between our expertise and what’s out there in the world.

Here at OT Works 4 Kidz we offer:

Comprehensive Evaluations
Individual Therapy
Group Therapy including

  • Recess Groups
  • Social Skills Group
  • Meal Planning & Cooking Group
  • Sensorimotor Play Groups

We also work in partnership to offer nutrition services onsite.


Our Programs

Occupational Therapy 

  Find out what OT can do. From head to toe, we address behavior, feeding, handwriting and so much more!

Speech and Language Therapy

We get you to talk, be understood and express yourself. Social situations can be tricky, we work on that too! ST works wonders!

Physical Therapy

We get your movin’ and groovin’ so you can move the way you want! Strength, coordination and endurance is just the beginning!

Events and Groups

Find out what’s going on around here. Check out our upcoming schedule of events and groups.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help children build the skills needed to thrive and grow in any environment so that they may succeed in the job of living. We offer a safe and trusting atmosphere that embraces the unique needs of every client and his/her family.

“Watching a child makes it obvious that the development of the mind comes from movement” – Maria Montessori

Getting Started…

Maybe you’re looking to supplement early intervention or school services. Maybe your doctor suggested therapy or you heard about us from a friend. Just give us a call and we’ll listen to your concerns, answer any questions, and determine if an evaluation is needed. If our program sounds like a good fit, a welcome packet will be sent to you. This will help you get to know the ins and outs of OT Works 4 Kidz and understand the therapeutic process. It’s also a place for you to tell us about your child and what areas are most challenging at this time.  Once your paperwork is returned, the evaluation is scheduled and if eligible, treatment will follow.

“Being different isn’t a bad thing, it means you are brave enough to be yourself” – Luna Lovegood

“The thing that sets OT Works apart from everyone else is the overall care we received. It wasn’t a narrow list of problems and solutions, it was addressing every issue and connecting the pieces to the puzzle. They care for the whole person. I can’t say enough about our positive experience at OT Works 4 Kidz!”  – Lindsey

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